About Us

At Mutual Marketplace, we redefine efficiency with our comprehensive shared services expertise.

At Mutual Marketplace, our core values shape our approach to business and the impact we aim to have on the world.

Meet our leaders

Our leadership is the heartbeat of Mutual Marketplace, guiding our mission and ensuring our clients feel supported and valued throughout our partnership.
  • Gerard McCormack

    General Manager
    With over 15 years of transformative leadership in Institutional Banking and Global Markets, Gerard has been pivotal in fostering growth and success across a spectrum of Australian enterprises. His knack for nurturing strategic partnerships has been instrumental in achieving lasting success. Outside the office, Gerard is an avid runner and golf enthusiast, though he claims more enthusiasm than skill in the latter.
  • Kirsty Blokker

    Head of Procurement
    Kirsty is a seasoned professional in procurement and supply chain management, with extensive experience across Financial Services, Construction, Transport & Logistics, and Travel sectors. Holding an MBA and MCIPS qualifications, she excels in leading operational procurement teams and driving strategic transformations during key phases of organisational growth. Kirsty's leadership is marked by her commitment to instilling robust governance frameworks and risk mitigation strategies, ensuring compliance and fostering excellence in every endeavour.
  • Reaylene Woolley

    Head of Finance
    Reaylene brings over 25 years of experience in finance management across sectors like technology, mining, and travel. Her expertise in executive management, stakeholder engagement, and financial strategy has been pivotal in her leadership at Mutual Marketplace, steering the finance function towards growth and efficiency.
  • Nikki Hutson

    Head of People
    Nikki Hutson leads our People team as an MBA-qualified HR Executive with over 15 years of experience. Specialising in leadership and employee support across Banking, Finance, Social Services, and Hospitality, Nikki excels in guiding corporate professionals through challenges, promoting purpose, passion, and resilience. Her strategic HR management and coaching expertise empower our teams, aligning workforce strategies with Mutual Marketplace's growth and values.
  • Mel Treacy

    General Counsel & Company Secretary
    With over two decades of experience in financial services, Mel serves as our General Counsel, bringing a wealth of knowledge in legal, compliance, risk, and governance. Her extensive background in executive leadership empowers her to blend legal expertise with a strategic commercial approach, ensuring balanced and comprehensive client solutions.

Corporate History

Mutual Marketplace emerged in 2016 from a visionary collaboration between two of Australia’s largest credit unions, setting a new benchmark in the mutual sector for procurement and shared services excellence. Our foundation, rooted in a drive for efficiency and innovation, has empowered credit unions and businesses alike to navigate the complexities of the modern marketplace more effectively.

Through steadfast dedication and a growing suite of services spanning procurement, property, finance, legal, and risk management, we’ve become a pivotal partner in our clients’ success stories. Our journey reflects our commitment to delivering value, fostering growth, and contributing to a more sustainable future for all stakeholders.